"With solid melodies and extremely catchy choruses, NastiGi have ‘ear worm’ potential"- Lifoti Magazine

NastiGi’s recent releases (So I Run, Love Your Enemy) have featured on some of Spotify’s premier Editorial playlists(All New Rock, New Noise, Rock Out, 100% Rock) and hitting over 1.6 Million streams and 880,000 listeners.

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NastiGi delivers a fresh and powerful energy on his new single ” I Can Come Tonight”. I Can Come Tonight captures the attention from the beginning with an explosive introduction and progressing through exciting riffs and a rising rhythm. The lyrics can deal with themes of rebellion, challenge or visceral emotions, which are expressed with passion and intensity. The artist’s voice transmits an aura of power and authenticity, recalling the soul of classic rock, but with a modern and fresh touch. 

Overall, I Can Come Tonight represents an energetic and engaging experience that captures the essence of the musical genre and promises to leave a strong imprint in the hearts of listeners.
NastiGi is a mix of raw energy, noisy guitars, muffy bass and tight grooves. NastiGi’s releases (So I Run & Love Your Enemy) have featured on some of Spotify’s premier editorial playlists (All New Rock, New Noise, Rock Out) reaching 1.6M cumulative Streams & 880k Listeners, also featured on LIFOTI Magazine, METAL IN ITALY, ARTISTIC ECHOES and many more…


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Alt.Rock Album NastiGi (14 Single Collections)
Vocals: Wans – Vicky – Alexia  – NastiGi
Guitars: V.Russo – NastiGi
Bass Guitar: NastiGi
E.piano/Synth: NastiGi
Drums: A.Cox

Music Producer V-Rus

Special Guests
Violin: F.De Laurentiis
Guitar: Ros Grazioso


Rock is not a choice – it’s a spirit and a feeling, and I am grateful that I have Rock ‘n’ Roll in my blood – NastiGi –

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